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Canvas can be waterproofed, is sturdy, less expensive than leather, and can be used with everyday casual dress, as well as business couture. Canvas is the perfect way to carry almost anything. Strong, sturdy canvas material will withstand substantial wear and tear unlike many conventional handbag materials. Canvas tote bags can be plain and simple or they can be beautiful, charming, and full of character. Most canvas totes are generously sized to accommodate almost anything you need to carry.

 Denim and other fabrics are casual but trendy, come in various colors and floral prints, and will last for years.

 These handbag materials are recyclable and often washable. High quality denim is made on shuttle looms for a clean edge, as opposed to a frayed edge. It is indigo dyed. The best manufacturers use 100% cotton threads, which are more authentic.

 Nylon handbags, often made by Prada and Kate Spade are made for both men and women. Nylon bags are very convenient to use and can be dyed numerous colors. Nylon bags are easy to wash. While not as strong as leather, Nylon bags are made of durable polyester material that holds up well.


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